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Big Tent Revival

The Way Back Home (CD)
1. Hope For America
2. Chevrolet Away
3. Flight 605
4. Open Up Heaven
5. Little Good Love
6. Gracefully
7. Lost Boy
8. The Weight
9. Under The Moon
10. Bigger Than Love
11. Doghouse
12. Love Will Make It Strong

The Way Back Home

Greatest Hits (CD) 2002
1. Here With Me
2. Choose Life
3. The Best Thing
Cifra 4. What Would Jesus Do?
5. Livin' Off Your Love
6. Some Day (Time And Space)
7. Two Sets of Jones'
8. If Loving God Was a Crime
9. Letting Go
10. Faith of a Little Seed
11. My Guitar
12. Star in The Book of Life
13. Mend Me (Live
14. Two Sets of Jones' (Instrumental)
15. Choose Life (Instrumental)

Greatest Hits

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