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Hardway (Remix) (Cifra)
dc Talk

---|VERSO 1
Abm                Db
Now I've been high and I've been low
Abm                           Db
I've been some places that you will not go
Abm                         Db
I never thought there would come the day
Abm                              Db
When I wish I'd never would have lived this way
Fm                            Eb
But I've been searching for a long long time
Fm                        Eb
I thought the devil was a friend of mine
Fm                       Eb
I turned my back on everything that was true
Fm                    Eb
I wasted years that belonged to You

     Ab                     Db
Some people gotta learn the hardway
            Ab                           Db
And I guess I'm the kinda guy who has to find out for myself
Ab                 Db
I had to learn the hardway
Ab        Db
I'm on my knees

---|VERSO 2
Abm             Db
It took so long for me to see
Abm                      Db
That I'm a victim of the nature in me
Left to myself I realize
I am the maker of my own demise
Fm                     Eb
But you accept me everytime and again
Fm                         Eb
And never mention just how selfish I get
Fm                         Eb
Why must it always take me so long to see
Fm                     Eb
That I have fallen but you will forgive me


---|Sax SOLO

Fm Db Dbmaj7 C
Fm Db Dbmaj7 Eb


Abm   Db/Ab

Colaboração: Daniel Moreira Soares - 

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