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Derek Webb

I Was Wrong, I´m Sorry & I Love You (CD)
1. I Was Wrong, I'm Sorry & I Love You
2. Eye Of The Hurricane
3. Lover Part 3
4. Closer Than You Think
5. Heavy
6. Everything Will Change
7. I Measure The Days (Simplified Anglican Chant)
8. A Place At Your Table
9. Nothing But Love
10. The Vow
11. Your Heart Breaks In All The Right Places
12. Thy Will Be Done

I Was Wrong, I´m Sorry & I Love You

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1. And See The Flaming Skies
2. A City With No Name
3. Can't Sleep
4. Blocks
5. Pressing On The Bruise
6. Attonitos Gloria
7. I Feel Everything
8. Reanimate
9. A Real Ghost
10. Around Every Corner


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