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Fred Hammond

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Worship Journal (CD)
1. Always Praise
2. God Is My Refuge
3. Take Care Of You
4. The Lord Is Good
5. I Will Sing Hallelujah
6. John 3:16
7. 1 Touch
8. Let Me Touch The Hem
9. Worthy Is The Lamb
10. More Love, More Power
11. Call On The Name Of The Lord
12. Father Jesus Spirit

Worship Journal

God, Love & Romance (CD)
1. Write Something For Us
2. When I Come Home To You
3. Jacob's Love
4. I'm In Love With You
5. How A Man Loves A Woman
6. You Are My Love Come True
7. The Proposal
8. Love Will Find You
9. Face It All
10. Easier
11. SOS 4:7 / Prov 31:10-12
12. You're So Beautiful
13. Pulling Up At The Crib
14. My Lady And Myself
15. Give It Up For The Band
16. My Love Is Real
17. Radio Fred
18. One More Try

CD 2:
1. Put On Your Good Shoes
2. I Am Not Alone
3. I See The Sunshine'n
4. Better Love
5. I Feel Good
6. I Got A Good Woman
7. Amazing Love
8. Let's Take A Minute
9. I Will Lift Him Up
10. So You Just Gown Leave?
11. You Never Turned
12. Call On Him
13. He Lives Remix - Live
14. You're Gonna Make It
15. Love Song To The Lamb
16. Girls Night Out/Out Take

God, Love & Romance

Love Unstoppable (CD)
Ouça 1. Prelude: BreeAnn Michelle & Darius Sean Hammond
Ouça 2. Awesome God
Ouça 3. Nobody Like You Lord
Ouça 4. Find No Fault
Ouça 5. Lost In You Again
Ouça 6. I Need You Right Away feat. Michael Bethany
Ouça 7. Best Thing That Ever Happened
Ouça 8. They That Wait
Ouça 9. We Give You All The Praise feat. Ericka R. Warren
Ouça 10. Take My Hand
Ouça 11. I Know What He's Done
Ouça 12. Thoughts of Love
Ouça 13. Thank You
Ouça 14. Lord How I Love You
Ouça 15. Happy

Love Unstoppable

Free to Worship (CD)
Ouça 1. My Heart Is for You
Ouça 2. He'll Do It!
Ouça 3. Lord Your Grace
Ouça 4. This Is the Day
Ouça 5. More of You
Ouça 6. Every Time I Think
Ouça 7. Keep on Praisin'
Ouça 8. No Greater Love
Ouça 9. L.O.U.D. L.O.U.D.
Ouça 10. There Is No Place
Ouça 11. Thank You (I Won't Complain)
Ouça 12. Simply Put [Live]
Ouça 13. And We Worship You

Free to Worship

Somethin' 'Bout Love (CD) 2004
1. I Know It Was The Blood
2. Celebrate (He Lives)
3. Not Just What You Say
4. Praise Belongs To You
5. Lord We Need Your Love
6. God Is A Good God
7. Loved On Me
8. A Closer Walk
9. I Will Find A Way
10. Love's In Need
11. Your Love Is
12. I'm A Soldier In The Army Of The Lord
13. That's Why
14. It Just Gets Sweeter
15. What Can I Give
16. Your Love Is A Wonder
17. How Do You Love That Way
18. Make Time For Love
19. Your Name Is Jesus


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