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Michael W. Smith

Discografia completa

Hymns II - Shine On Us (CD)
1. Down to River to Pray
2. I Need Thee
3. Jesus, Only Jesus
4. Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus
5. I´ll Fly Away
6. His Eye is on the Sparrow
7. I Don´t Know Why (Jesus Loves Me)
8. Shine On Us
9. Nearer My God to Thee
10. Untitled Hymn (Come to Jesus)
11. I´d Rather Have Jesus
12. O´Sacred Head, Now Wounded
13. Be Still My Soul
14. Great is the Lord
15. A Mighty Fortress is Our God
16. America the Beautiful

Hymns II - Shine On Us

The Spirit of Christmas (CD)
1. The Miracle Of Christmas
2. It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year
3. Happy Holiday / Holiday Season (Medley)
4. Christmas Time Is Here
5. White Christmas
6. Somewhere In My Memory
7. The Spirit Of Christmas (Medley)
8. Silent Night
9. What Child Is This
10. Almost There
11. All Is Well
12. Christmas Day
13. The Darkest Midnight
14. Peace

The Spirit of Christmas

Sovereign (CD)
Ouça 1. You Won't
Ouça 2. Heaven Come Down
Ouça 3. Miracle
Ouça 4. Sky Spills Over
Ouça 5. All Arise
Ouça 6. You Are The Fire
Ouça 7. Christ Be All Around Me
Ouça 8. Sovereign Over Us
Ouça 9. Hide Myself
Ouça 10. The Same Power
Ouça 11. I Lay Me Down
Ouça 12. The One That Really Matters


Hymns (CD)
1. The Old Rugged Cross
2. My Jesus, I Love Thee
3. Were You There
4. Victory in Jesus
5. How Great Thou Art
6. Just As I Am
7. Near the Cross
8. It is Well
9. Softly and Tenderly
10. When I Survey the Wondrous Cross
11. What a Friend We Have in Jesus
12. Wonderful, Merciful Savior
13. Great is Thy Faithfulness
14. God of Our Fathers
15. The Lord Bless You and Keep You


Decades of Worship (CD)
Ouça 1. Awesome God
Ouça 2. Mighty To Save
Ouça 3. Agnus Dei
Ouça 4. You Are Holy (Prince Of Peace)
Ouça 5. Breathe
Ouça 6. A New Hallelujah
Ouça 7. Above All
Ouça 8. I See You
Ouça 9. Here I Am To Worship
Ouça 10. Healing Rain
Ouça 11. Take Me Over
Ouça 12. Great Is The Lord

Decades of Worship

Glory (CD)
Ouça 1. Glory Overture
Ouça 2. Patriot
Ouça 3. Heroes
Ouça 4. Forever
Ouça 5. The Blessing
Ouça 6. Whitaker’s Wonder
Ouça 7. Joy Follows Suffering
Ouça 8. Gloru Battle
Ouça 9. Atonement
Ouça 10. Redemption
Ouça 11. The Romance
Ouça 12. The Tribute / Agnus Dei


Wonder (CD)
Ouça 1. Save Me From Myself
Ouça 2. You Take My Breath Away
Ouça 3. Run To You
Ouça 4. I’ll Wait For You
Ouça 5. Forever Yours
Ouça 6. Welcome Home
Ouça 7. Wonder
Ouça 8. Arise
Ouça 9. You Belong To Me
Ouça 10. Leave
Ouça 11. One More Time
Ouça 12. Take Me Over


A New Hallelujah (DVD)
1. Prepare Ye The Way
2. A New Hallelujah
3. When I Think Of You
4. Mighty To Save
5. Shout Unto God
6. Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)
7. Deep In Love With You
8. Healing Rain/ Let It Rain
9. Majesty
10. I Surrender All
11. Oh Draw Me Lord (Draw Me Near)
12. Grace
13. Help Is On The Way
14. The River Is Rising
15. Love In His Right Hand
16. Siwano
17. A New Hallelujah (Reprise)

A New Hallelujah

A New Hallelujah (CD)
Ouça 1. Intro
Ouça 2. Prepare Ye The Way
Ouça 3. A New Hallelujah (with the African Childrens Choir)
Ouça 4. When I Think Of You (with the African Childrens Choir)
Ouça 5. Mighty To Save
Ouça 6. Shout Unto God
Ouça 7. Amazing Grace/My Chains Are Gone
Ouça 8. Deep In Love With You
Ouça 9. Healing Rain/Let It Rain
Ouça 10. Majesty
Ouça 11. I Surrender All (with special guest Coalo Zamorano)
Ouça 12. Grace
Ouça 13. Intro to Help Is On The Way
Ouça 14. Help Is On The Way (with special guest Israel Houghton)
Ouça 15. The River Is Rising

A New Hallelujah

It's A Wonderful Christmas (CD)
1. Christmas Angels
2. It's a Wonderful Christmas
3. The Promise
4. Song For The King
5. Christmas Day (w/ Mandisa)
6. A Highland Carol
7. Sing Noel, Sing Hallelujah
8. What Child Is This
9. Son Of God
10. Audrey's Gift
11. All Year Long


Stand (CD)
Ouça 1. Cover Me
Ouça 2. Open Arms
Ouça 3. Come To The Cross
Ouça 4. How To Say Goodbye
Ouça 5. Be Lifted High
Ouça 6. Oh Lord, You re Beautiful
Ouça 7. Grace
Ouça 8. Stand
Ouça 9. Come See
Ouça 10. In Silence
Ouça 11. Escape Your Love


Healing Rain (CD) 2004
Ouça Letra 1. Here I Am
Ouça Letra e tradução Cifra 2. Healing Rain
Ouça Letra 3. Live Forever
Ouça Letra 4. Hang On
Ouça Letra 5. Fly to the Moon
Ouça Letra 6. Human Spark
Ouça Letra 7. We Can't Wait Any Longer
Ouça Letra Cifra 8. I Am Love
Ouça Letra 9. Bridge Over Troubled Water
Ouça Letra 10. Eagles Fly
Ouça Letra 11. All I Want

Healing Rain

Live In Concert: A 20 Year Celebration (DVD)
1. I Still Have A Dream
2. Signs
3. Rocketown
4. Wired For Sound
5. Secret Ambition
6. Hibernia
7. Love Crusade
8. For You
9. Place In This World
10. I Will Be Here For You
11. Friends
12. There She Stands
13. Lead Me On (featuring Amy Grant)
14. El Shaddai (featuring Amy Grant)
15. Thy Word (featuring Amy Grant)
16. Above All
17. Agnus Dei
18. Awesome God
19. You Are Holy (Prince Of Peace)
20. This Is Your Time

Live In Concert: A 20 Year Celebration

The Second Decade 1993-2003 (CD) 2004
Ouça Cifra 1. Signs
Ouça Letra 2. Mission Person
Ouça 3. Cry For Love
Ouça Cifra 4. This Is Your Time
Ouça Letra 5. Live The Life
Ouça 6. Never Been Unloved
Ouça Cifra 7. Love Me Good
Ouça Letra 8. Breakdown
Ouça 9. Straight To The Heart
Ouça 10. I'll Lead You Home
Ouça 11. Above All (Live Version)
Ouça Cifra 12. You Are Holy (Prince Of Peace)
Ouça 13. Friends 2003
Ouça 14. Freedom
Ouça 15. Raging Sea

The Second Decade 1993-2003

Worship (DVD)
1. Step By Step / Forever We Will Sing
2. Open The Eyes Of My Heart
3. Draw Me Close
4. O Come Let Us Adore Him
5. I Give You My Heart
6. Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus
7. Above All
8. Breathe
9. Let It Rain
10. Agnus Dei
11. Awesome God
12. 40
13. Psalm 139 (spoken)
14. I See You


Worship Again (CD) 2002
Ouça Cifra 1. Step By Step/Forever We Will Sing
Ouça 2. You Are The Lord
Ouça 3. The Wonderful Cross
Ouça 4. Ancient Words
Ouça 5. Lord Have Mercy
Ouça 6. The Sacred Romance (Instrumental)
Ouça 7. I Can Hear Your Voice
Ouça Cifra 8. I Give You My Heart
Ouça 9. There Is None Like You
Ouça 10. I See You
Ouça Cifra 11. You Are Holy (Prince of Peace)
Ouça 12. Lord Have Mercy (featuring Amy Grant)
Ouça Letra e tradução 13. Here I Am To Worship
Ouça 14. There She Stands

Worship Again

Worship (CD) 2001
Ouça 1. Forever
Ouça 2. The Heart of Worship
Ouça Cifra 3. Draw Me Close
Ouça 4. Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus
Ouça 5. Open the Eyes of My Heart
Ouça Cifra 6. Above All
Ouça Letra e tradução Cifra Tab de guitarra 7. Breathe
Ouça Cifra 8. Let It Rain
Ouça 9. Agnus Dei
Ouça Letra e tradução Cifra 10. Awesome God
Ouça 11. More Love, More Power
Ouça 12. Purified
Ouça 13. Above All (studio version)


Freedom (CD) 2000
Ouça 1. Freedom
Ouça 2. The Offering
Ouça 3. Carol Ann
Ouça 4. The Giving
Ouça 5. Hibernia
Ouça 6. Letter to Sarah
Ouça 7. Freedom Battle
Ouça 8. Cry of the Heart
Ouça 9. Prayer for Taylor
Ouça 10. The Call
Ouça 11. Thy Word
Ouça 12. Free Man


This Is Your Time (CD) 1999
1. Rince De'
2. Hey You It's Me
3. Worth It All
4. I Will Be Your Friend
5. This Is Your Time
6. I Will Carry You
7. She Walks With Me
8. Reach Out To Me
9. I Still Have The Dream
10. I'm Gone
11. Anna
12. Everybody Free
13. This Is Your Time (Reprise)

This Is Your Time

Christmas time (CD) 1998
1. The Happiest Christmas
2. Jingle Bells
3. ChristmasTime
4. WelcomeTo Our World
5. Hope of Isreal
6. Sing We Now of Christmas
7. O Come O Come Emmanuel
8. O Christmas Tree
9. Christmas Waltz
10. We Three Kings
11. Away In A Manger
12. Child In The Manger
13. Carols Sing
14. I Saw Three Ships
15. Joy To The World

Christmas time

Live the Life (CD) 1998
Letra Cifra 1. Missing Person
Letra e tradução 2. Love Me Good
Letra e tradução Cifra 3. Live The Life
4. Never Been Unloved
5. I Believe In You Now
6. Don't Give Up
7. Let Me Show You The Way
8. I Know Your Name
9. Matter Of Time
10. In My Arms Again
11. Song For Rich
12. Hello- Good-bye

Live the Life

I'll Lead You Home (CD) 1995
Ouça 1. Cry For Love
Ouça 2. Breakdown
Ouça 3. As It Is In Heaven
Ouça 4. Straight To The Heart
Ouça 5. Someday
Ouça 6. I'll Be Around
Ouça 7. I'll Lead You Home
Ouça 8. The Other Side Of Me
Ouça 9. Breathe In Me
Ouça 10. Angels Unaware
Ouça 11. Calling Heaven
Ouça 12. A Little Stronger Every Day
Ouça 13. Crown Him With Many Crowns
Ouça 14. I'm Waiting For You


The First Decade (CD) 1993
Ouça 1. Do You Dream of Me
Ouça 2. Kentucky Rose
Ouça 3. Picture Perfect
Ouça 4. I Will Be Here For You
Ouça 5. Give It Away
Ouça 6. Place In This World
Ouça 7. Go West Young Man
Ouça 8. Pray For Me
Ouça 9. Secret Ambition
Ouça 10. Emily
Ouça 11. Old Enough to Know
Ouça 12. Rocketown
Ouça 13. I Am Sure
Ouça 14. Friends
Ouça 15. Great Is The Lord

The First Decade

Change Your World (CD) 1992
1. Picture Perfect
2. Love One Another
Cifra 3. I Will Be Here For You
4. Color Blind
5. Somewhere Somehow
6. Cross Of Gold
7. Out Of This World
8. Somebody Love Me
9. Give It Aways
10. I Wanna Tell The World
Letra e tradução 11. Friends

Change Your World

Go West Young Man (CD) 1990
Ouça 1. Go West Young Man
Ouça 2. Love Crusade
Ouça Letra e tradução 3. Place In This World
Ouça 4. For You
Ouça 5. How Long Will Be Too Long
Ouça 6. Seed To Sow
Ouça 7. Cross My Heart
Ouça 8. Emily
Ouça Cifra 9. Agnus Dei
Ouça 10. 1990

Go West Young Man

Christmas (CD)
1. Overture/O Come All Ye
2. Faithful
3. Lux Venit (The Light Comes)
4. Anthem for Christmas
5. First Snowfall
6. Christ the Messiah
7. No Eye Had Seen
8. All is Well
9. Memoirs: a Trilogy: the Voice/Good
10. Gloria
11. Silent Night


i 2 (eye) (CD)
Ouça 1. Hand of Providence
Ouça 2. Secret Ambition
Ouça 3. On the Other Side
Ouça 4. All You're Missin
Ouça 5. Heartache
Ouça 6. I Miss the Way
Ouça 7. Live and Learn
Ouça 8. I Hear Leesha
Ouça 9. Help You Find Your Way
Ouça 10. Ashton
Ouça 11. The Throne
Ouça 12. Pray for Me

i 2 (eye)

The Live Set (CD)
1. Nothin' But the Blood
2. Lamu
3. You're Alright
4. Could He Be the Messiah
5. Rocketown
6. Emily
7. I Know
8. Friends
9. Old Enough to Know
10. Pursuit of the Dream
11. Be Strong & Courageous
12. You Need a Saviour

The Live Set

The Big Picture (CD)
Ouça 1. Lamu
Ouça 2. Wired for Sound
Ouça 3. Old Enough to Know
Ouça 4. Pursuit of the Dream
Ouça 5. Rocketown
Ouça 6. Voices
Ouça 7. The Last Letter
Ouça 8. Goin' Thru the Motions
Ouça 9. Tearin' Down the Walls
Ouça 10. You're Alright

The Big Picture

Michael W. Smith 2 (CD)
1. A Way
2. I Am Sure
3. End of the Book
4. I'm Up
5. Glorious Grace
6. Musical Instruments
7. Restless Heart
8. All I Need to Say
9. Wings of the Wind
10. Hosanna

Michael W. Smith 2

Project (CD)
Ouça 1. Sonata in D Major
Ouça 2. You Need a Saviour
Ouça 3. Could He Be the Messiah
Ouça 4. Too Many Times
Ouça 5. Be Strong and Courageous
Ouça 6. Looking Up
Ouça 7. The Race Is On
Ouça 8. First Light / Love in the Light
Ouça 9. Friends
Ouça 10. Great Is the Lord
Ouça 11. Alpha Overture


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