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Sixpence None The Richer

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Lost in Transition (CD)
1. My Dear Machine
2. Radio
3. Give It Back
4. Safety Line
5. When You Call Me
6. Should Not Be This Hard
7. Go Your Way
8. Failure
9. Don't Blame Yourself
10. Stand My Ground
11. Sooner Than Later
12. Be Ok
13. I Do

Lost in Transition

The Dawn of Grace (CD)
1. Angels We Have Heard on High
2. The Last Christmas
3. O Come, O Come Emmanuel
4. Silent Night
5. Riu Riu Chiu
6. Carol of the Bells
7. Christmas Island
8. River
9. Christmas for Two
10. Some Children See Him

The Dawn of Grace

The Best Of Sixpence None the Richer (CD) 2004
Letra 1. Loser Like Me
Letra 2. Us
Letra 3. Too Far Gone
Letra 4. The Ground You Shook
Letra 5. Kiss Me
Letra 6. Breathe Your Name
Letra 7. Melody Of You
Letra 8. Dancing Queen
Letra Tab de guitarra 9. Don't Dream It's Over
Letra Cifra 10. There She Goes
Letra Cifra 11. I Need Love
Letra 12. I Just Wasn't Made For These Times
Letra 13. Breathe
Letra 14. Brighten My Heart
Letra 15. Angeltread
Letra 16. Within A Room Somewhere
Letra 17. Trust (Reprise)
18. Kiss Me (Japanese version)

The Best Of Sixpence None the Richer

Divine Discontent (CD) 2002
Letra 1. Breathe Your Name
Letra e tradução 2. Tonight
Letra 3. Down And Out of Time
Letra e tradução Cifra 4. Don't Dream It's Over
Letra e tradução 5. Waiting On the Sun
Letra 6. Still Burning
Letra 7. Melody of You
Letra 8. Paralyzed
Letra 9. I've been waiting
Letra 10. Eyes Wide Open
Letra 11. Dizzy
Letra 12. Tension Is A Passing Note
Letra e tradução 13. A Million Parachutes

Divine Discontent

Collage: Portrait of Their Best (CD) 1999
Letra 1. Angeltread
Letra 2. Field of flowers
Letra 3. Healer
Letra 4. Love, salvation, the fear of death
Letra 5. The fatherless & the widow
Letra 6. Within a room somewhere
Letra 7. Thought menagerie
Letra 8. Love letters in the sand
Letra 9. Spotlight
Letra 10. Dresses
Letra 11. Bleeding
Letra 12. I can't explain
Letra 13. You're a mean one Mr Grinch
14. Love, salvation, the fear of death (remix)
Letra 15. The Garden
Letra 16. Trust

Collage: Portrait of Their Best

Sixpence None The Richer (CD) 1997
Letra 1. We Have Forgotten
Letra 2. Anything
Letra 3. The Waiting Room
Letra Cifra 4. Kiss Me
Letra 5. Easy To Ignore
6. Puedo Escribir
Letra 7. I Can't Catch You
Letra 8. The Lines Of My Earth
Letra 9. Sister, Mother
Letra Cifra 10. I Won't Stay Long
Letra 11. Love
Letra 12. Moving On
Letra 13. There She Goes

Sixpence None The Richer

Tickets For A Prayer Wheel (CD) 1996
Letra 1. Within A Room Somewhere (Radio edit)
2. Within A Room Somewhere (Demo)
Letra 3. Healer
Letra 4. Dresses
Letra 5. Love Letters In The Sand
Letra 6. Carry You
7. Alisha's First Step
8. Solomon The Mystic
Letra 9. Love, Salvation, The Fear Of Death [Dance Mix Intro]
Letra 10. Love, Salvation, The Fear Of Death [Dance Mix]

Tickets For A Prayer Wheel

This Beautiful Mess (CD) 1995
Letra 1. Angeltread
Letra 2. Love Salvation , The Fear Of Death
Letra 3. Bleeding
Letra 4. Within A Room Somewhere
Letra 5. Melting Alone
Letra 6. Circle Of Error
Letra 7. The Garden
Letra 8. Disconnect
Letra 9. Thought Menagerie
Letra 10. Maybe Tomorrow
Letra 11. Drifting
Letra 12. I Can't Explain

This Beautiful Mess

The Fatherless & the Widow (CD) 1993
Letra 1. Field Of Flowers
Letra 2. Spotlight
Letra 3. The Fatherless And The Widow
Letra 4. Musings
Letra 5. Trust
Letra 6. Falling Leaves
Letra 7. Meaningless
Letra 8. Soul
Letra 9. An Apology
10. Trust (Reprise)

The Fatherless & the Widow

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