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The Elms

Truth, Soul, Rock & Roll (CD) 2002
1. Speaking In Tongues
2. You Saved Me
3. All The While having Fun!
4. Burn and Shine
5. The First Day
6. You Got No Room to Talk!
7. Happiness
8. Come to Me
9. Go Toward the Glow
10. Let Love In
11. Through the Night
12. Smile at Life Again

Truth, Soul, Rock & Roll

Big Surprise (CD) 2001
1. Hey, Hey
2. Here's My Hand
3. Who Got the Meaning?
4. The Buzzing Won't Stop!
5. A Minute to Ourselves
6. The Big Surprise
7. Lifeboat
8. You Get Me Every Time
9. You're Glowing
10. Real Men Cry

Big Surprise

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