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Third Day

Revival (CD)
1. Revival
2. Gonna Be There With Me
3. Leave This World Behind
4. Let There Be Light
5. Faithful and True
6. Gather Round Now
7. In Your Hands
8. Loves Me Like A Rock
9. New Creation
10. Nobody Loves Me Like Jesus
11. Anything Is Possible
12. Great God Almighty
13. Devotion


Lead Us Back (CD)
Ouça 1. Spirit
Ouça 2. Soul On Fire
Ouça 3. Your Words feat. Harvest
Ouça 4. Our Deliverer
Ouça 5. He Is Alive
Ouça 6. In Jesus Name
Ouça 7. Lead Us Back
Ouça 8. Maker
Ouça 9. Victorious
Ouça 10. I Know You Can
Ouça 11. Father of Lights
Ouça 12. The One I Love

Lead Us Back

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